Some lyrics I wrote about airports


Have you ever been on an airport, know how it feels?
Well if not, let me explain you about the fake and the real
and if yes, i hope you roll along racing the wheels
of the luggage of my mind on display, in these, tales…

First, get ready for some waiting in line
Unless you pay more, then u will be saving some time
All hail to the rich, cheap ways if you ask me
discriminate u based on your wallet and call it classy

nasty, see its all about cash, see
products over there advertised as tax free?
well, all of them are secundairy and flashy
affordable for 5 percent of people who pass, by

so i ask why, why we making this work
why division of the people ios so blatant it hurts
why these posers on these posters seem the greatest of jerks
like if the luxuries they’re wearing just created a curse

But eh, cant say it delayin my search
to shine trugh in the rhtyhym as i play in the dirt
appeal to atheists and young mothers praying in church
and all who can relate to what i just conveyed in a verse

See, when i write it’s like i like i’m starting a train
highpowered by the forces in the heart of my brain
thorugh love lush jungles and uncharted terrain
all written hours after i depart with a plane


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