University student behaviour in Holland: those empty first rows!


Here is a question for everybody and pyschology students: while having a lecture, why are the first rows of seats in the lecturing room so often unmanned? As if class tries to stay away from the teacher as far as possible? One theory is that a far off position enables you to stay HIDDEN from the lecturer’s PIERCING ALL KNOWING MIGHTY GAZE and attend to your Watsappearences and other distractions in unembarrassed seclusion.

The worst occasion was the Popular Music course, where the first THREE rows were empty and the 30 young students showed remarkable apathy when having to answer (simple) questions. As if some SILENCE! – switch had been flipped in the diffuse creation of what we can call ‘group consciousness’. On the other hand, I did have a very pleasant philosophy course one time where more than half of the class was willing to exclaim viewpoints and have discussion. Sometimes I miss lectures like that, those that feel like an uplifiting intellectual experience, because lively and debative is what I expected university to be. Anyway, away we go to dreams, goodnight!

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