Top Eleven Hiphop Albums of 2012 !


Here is my TOP ELEVEN hiphop album of the year 2012, in random order. If i had to rank them i’d give me the feeling i have to devaluate albums over one another. Here we go!


Nas – Life is Good

Some tracks sound like follow-ups to ‘Illmatic’ , beat and lyric-wise, and this emotional appeal for older hiphop-heads makes this album particularly memorable. Nas proves he still is a gifted and driven speaker even though you never lose the feeling he doesn’t get too close to the more sensitive matter of his own life. Yet the narrative doesn’t seem artifficial or forced, it probably just is the way he maintains and structures his outlook over his life. So, just enjoy the birdseye view, raise your glasses and pay respect to The Don.


De La Soul – First Serve

Solid album from these hiphop vets.  Still i have the feeling they play it too safe overall, which leaves me wondering how the would perform on a more diverse diet of musical productions. Nevertheless, this is GOOD.


I self Devine – Sound of Low Class America

Not his best album but still recommendable, there aren’t many rappers who can express their pains and socialist worries like I Self. Even if the album would’ve sucked the track I placed above these sentences alone would have made the purchase worthwhile!


Yu – The Earn

His label-mates Oddisee and Substantial have received quite some praise this year but I prefer the more subdued charcter of Yu’s chronicles. I don’t care that this album was released in 2011, it’s impact should resonate beyond our lifetimes. Just listen to the song above to agree with me.


Large Professor – Professor at large

Another rapper beyond his 30’s in this list? I’m getting old! Fortunately this isn’t a bad thing since true wisdom and craftmanship can shine brightest in the later stages of life. Large Professor proves this with an album that is nostalgic and powerful. Go teach em Pro!


Rapsody – Idea of Beautiful

Yes, she is a lady. Yes, she will remind you of of Lauryn Hill. And yes,  she is dope and beyond the comparisons and significance of gender this dopeness is what truly legitimizes the attention she generates. Her first album makes you hungry for her works in the future!


Mattic – the abstract convention

We now have arrived in the ‘T R U L Y U N D E R R A T E D’  section.  Just check this artist out. His voice is convincing and his poetic expression is unconventional, all backed by a beatmeaker supplying cinematic soundscapes that will make you feel like you are living someones dreams roaming the streets of Paris.  ‘Right now, who could ever touch the style?’


Casual & J Rawls – Respect Game or Expect Flames

One of the most pleasant suprises of 2012. Casual’s most recent efforts failed to impress me but this unexpected collab with J Rawls has resurrected my interest. The jazzy excellence of J Rawls ‘s sounds just matches perfectly with Casual’s witty laidback vocals!


Fraction Fresh kills – Extra Science

Untill this year I had never heard of both names. Their work sounds seasoned and so pleasant that it leaves me wondering why i have never heard these guys before. One reason could be  that rapper Fraction seems pretty elusive. Googling results in very few fractions of information. Too bad because I love his long-woven sentences and tense delivery and would love to hear more of it.


Kan Kick – Opus of Love

This album probably was released some years ago but I just recently discovered this amazing beatmaker. This album stands out in particular, being delicate, sensitive, meditaive and Dilla-esque in the best way possible. A beat-masterclass in organicness.


Moka Only – Airport 6

Album number 60? 80? This eccentric man has a CRAZY output and I’m still swimming in all the goodness he released in the last 5/6 years. His last release in the ‘Airport’  series isn’t his strongest:  melancholy towards yesteryears seems to lower Moka’s 30-something spirits a bit. I just wish him to be relatively carefree and obscure like on his ‘Ron Contour’ projects.  Still, Airport 6 is recommended for anybody loving scruffy rhodes and stomping swampy beats on a rainy afternoon.


Honorable mentions:

Various Artists: Quakers (Stones Throw)
Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid..
Blacastan – The Master Builder part 2
JJ Doom – Key to The Kuffs
Gif of Gab – Next logical progression


5 Responses to “Top Eleven Hiphop Albums of 2012 !”

  1. Inter Milan Says:

    ” Good Kidd..”

    It’s “good kid”.

  2. The Nas, I Self and Rapsody videos cannot be embedded and played on external sites like this. Which is weird cos i just played Rapsody but now it doesn’t allow me anymore.

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